Established in 1997, Robert A. Booher Consulting is a California based environmental management and land use consulting firm that provides services to the energy, oil and gas, mining and forest products industries.

Robert A. Booher Consulting has a unique combination of technical and operations experience which has enabled us to successfully complete projects throughout the western U.S. Robert A. Booher Consulting has a specialized knowledge of the regulatory framework in California, and we can guide your company through this often difficult and complex regulatory maze on federal or private lands. We have a history of managing projects in difficult and complex environmental settings. Through years of interaction with private landowners, corporations, and government agencies, Robert A. Booher Consulting has been able to successfully negotiate a variety of issues associated with intial project permitting through project completion.

Robert A. Booher Consulting firmly believes our success is based on our ability to respond to our client's specific needs. In providing our services, we emphasize your goals and interests, perform our tasks with a high level of confidence and communicate our progress frequently and effectively. Robert A. Booher Consulting approaches all assignments with a strong commitment to developing practical solutions, lasting results, and a sound and enduring working relationship with our clients.